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The power of human connection to facilitate growth and achieve
lasting success

Our mission is to move the dial on physical and mental health to support individuals
in living a healthier more powerful life.

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"I have found the meditation practices to be very useful.  The explanation of the science is fascinating.  I feel like this teaching approach, the physical act of doing and the mental, logical connections, makes the information all the more memorable and meaningful."
Employee - City of Albuquerque
"Continue to offer these great classes and great teachers/coaches. It is very appreciated to help manage our work/life/stress balance."
Employee - Pfizer Canada
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Offering organizations a full-suite of preventive health solutions and supporting programs to inspire and drive real change.

Engaging individuals through a
combination of wellness services, digital health technology,
and dynamic coaching. 

We design sustainable and effective wellness offerings based on your needs and a customized approach to ensure RESULTS

Wholistic Approach to Wellbeing.  Backed by Science.

chronic disease management
nutrition coaching
mindful-based stress reduction
molecular assessment
fitness classes
weight loss
smoking cessation

functional medicine
resiliency training
corporate wellness challenges
financial rewards
workshops and lunch n' learns

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Movement Challenge
Need some extra motivation to get moving or back to the gym?  Participate in a walking or fitness challenge to win cash and prizes!
When: May 2023
Time: anytime you want
Where: anywhere you want - gym, home, outdoors...
Details Coming Soon
Strive to Thrive
A holistic approach means to provide support to the whole person.  
Learn mindful techniques to support your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.  During this experiential course we will focus on food, sleep and stress and how to find  balance.
When: March15, 2023 
Time: 12:00-1:00 EST
Where: via Zoom
Recording available: yes
Coach: Jose Maresma MSc. - Elite Mindful Coach
Details coming soon
by KBM strategies
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T: 514-923-3792

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