Employee engagement

Wearable tech




How can KBM strategies assist associates around the world embrace healthy lifestyles?  

The answer: the GEAR UP Challenge.

The GEAR UP Challenge is a health initiative and engagement program that will provide associates with wearable technology: a Heart Rate monitor to track their cardio activity, a personalized cardio plan, an initial coaching session to help you get startedweekly education and motivation, a follow-up teleconference with your coach and a mobile app to monitor their efforts and progress and the ability to share their success with their Challenge friends.  As the program does not require any investment in infrastructure (ie: on-site fitness facility), participants can exercise anywhere they wish and family members can take part as well.  


The GEAR UP Challenge gives individuals the tools and the inspiration to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.



Measure and track your cardio activity, whether you walk to work, work-out at the gym or are a high performance athlete.  We provide you with the tools to monitor your efforts and progress so you stay on track. 


More than counting your steps and calories, your personal cardio zone is calculated based on your VO2 max and your personal goals so every cardio activity you do in your zone  brings you closer to your goal.

Choose any activity you like that elevates your heart rate 

Share your workouts and exercise sessions with your friends

Track your fitness level and chart your progress along the way

Simple and effective - designed for your busy life