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Heart Rate Sport Band

SLICE is the first wearable to capture your heart rate data all-day and translate it into your PAI score.

PAI, Personal Activity Intelligence, a revolutionary new metric that tracks your body’s response to all of your physical activity—more than just steps— and gives you actionable feedback that is scientifically proven to add years to your life.

One glance at your PAI score instantly tells you if you’ve been active enough to stay healthy.

SLICE also offers other features such as sleep tracking, calories burned, distance, and more—all from a stylish water-resistant wristband with simple one-button operation.

  • SLICE: $149 CDN

  • Colours: Black





Heart Rate, Sleep + Activity Tracker

  • Precision heart rate from the wrist, no chest strap needed

  • Tracks sleep, steps, calories, distance, pace & goal progress

  • Customizable display & configurable heart rate zones

  • Waterproof to 30m/3 ATM/100 ft

  • FREE Mio PAI app translates heart rate into a meaningful activity metric

  • Sleep tracking capability: Data displayed on Mio GO app includes resting heart rate, sleep efficiency (time spent sleeping as a percentage of total time in bed), time in bed, time spent asleep, time spent awake, time spent in light sleep and time spent in deep sleep.

  • FUSE: $119 CDN

  • Colours: Cobalt Blue  sm/med and large

Train with Heart

All Mio Performance Wearables contain award-winning Mio Optical Heart Rate Technology.

This innovative technology tracks EKG-accurate heart rate data using advanced algorithms that filter out "noise" caused during activity. Even during high-intensity workouts, Mio provides superior, industry-leading performance-accurate heart rate monitoring.