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  • Balance 26 nutrients 

  • Eat the foods you like

  • Personalized meal plans

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A Solid Foundation of Research

Fad Diet?  Absolutely Not!

How does our NutriTech software know what nutrients you need?
Nutritional requirements vary due to age, gender, weight, goals, and more.  The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science brings together reports from thousands of researchers from around the world to define standards of nutrition for individuals at various life stages.  NutriTech uses your current situation and goals to set your requirements based on these standards.

The food nutritional data comes from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service.

Bringing It All Together . . .
NutriTech works with you to create personalized meal plans that meet the highest standards.                               NutriTech takes a complex task and makes it easy and fun!  


Experience the difference that complete balanced nutrition can make in your life.  

The Power to Help You SUCCEED

Other systems just email you a list of foods, or help you count calories...

NutriTech's Patent Pending System Takes a Radical New Approach.

NutriTech works with you like your own private nutritionist to help you create completely balanced diets using your favorite foods.

NutriTech Puts You in Control...

  • Your Goals

  • Your Favorite Foods

  • Your Choices


Our nutrient report card shows your individualized macro and micronutrient goals, and the grading system will show when you have reached your goal with an F-A grading scale. The report card is personalized for you based on your height, weight, age, gender, and specific goals.  The recommended daily allowances are based on the standards from the Institute of Medicine.

NutriTech . . . Your Key to SUCCESS

True success comes from more than just counting calories.

Imagine how you would look and feel if you were truly eating right.

Deficiency or excess in vitamins and minerals can cause a range of health problems.  Additionally, cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat can promote coronary heart disease and more.  Other nutrients such as omega 3, and omega 6 can help reduce cholesterol, and boost hormone levels.  Combining the correct nutrients at the proper level of calories can lead to true vibrant health.

A truly balanced diet from REAL FOODS:
A great concept, but in reality, very few people have the knowledge, or time to create a balanced diet using foods that they enjoy.

. . . Until Now

Succeed . . . with Foods You Actually LIKE to Eat, NutriTech works with lists of your favorite foods

On your NutriTech mobile app or web portal, enter what you enjoy eating.  NutriTech will help you make lists of foods that you enjoy eating for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.  These become your “Favorites Menu”.

Create Balanced Meal Plans
NutriTech will build you a balanced meal plan using the foods in your "Favorites Menu". 
It’s like ordering from a restaurant menu, except NutriTech guides you to the best choices.
How it Works:
Let's say your current meal plan for the day is deficient in Vitamin E,Omega 6, and Potassium.  
When you click on your Favorite Snacks menu, almonds will be at the top of the list suggesting that you add a serving to your diet for the day.  Each time you add a food to your meal plan, NutriTech re-sorts your favorites to guide your diet into complete balance..

Start balanced eating for your personal goals today for only $9.99 / month

Includes NutriTech software, mobile app and web portal